Monday, January 16, 2012

The Insomnia Chronicles #3: 857 Pieces of Madness

So it is 2:57am.

I am a fangirl on a goddamn mission. This goddamn mission is... *cue drum roll* to build the Millennium Falcon!

Two weeks ago: I was at my aunt's house and in her garage I found our old 3D Puzzle of the famous YT-1300 freighter and, of course, brought it home.

Tonight: I decided this bitch is gonna get built. Only to my displeasure I found this bastard has eight-hundred and fifty-friking-seven pieces. Oh, and THEY ALL LOOK THE FREAKING SAME!!! Aaaaaauuughhhhh!!!!

But this chick is stubborn and determined to complete this ship to display among her Star Wars collection. (In best Gerard Butler/Leonidas voice) This. Will. HAPPEN!!!

So I did what I usually do when I assign myself a difficult task. In the words of Barney Stinson: Suit up!! This involves me putting on the iPod and getting to work. I have been at it since about 1 am and I am regretting this decision more and more. But no worries readers; I don't give up that easily.

So I think it's best I go and drink me a glass of water, take an Excedrin, then go lay down for a few hours and continue the fight to aid in the defeat of the Empire by building Han Solo his ship so he can meet Luke, save him from Vader so the Death Star can explode, and he can boink Princess Leia. Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.

Other than the Millennium Falcon I also reorganized my room a bit and I played, like, 3 hours of Skyrim. I'm so damn productive today I deserve a Twix.

Oh and to who demanded I post boob in my next post. I forgot in the last one so I figured I'd make it up to you by not only posting boobs, but kitties AND boobs! You're welcome...


Now to make this interesting and to see how many people are actually reading this. If you would like to ask me a question or for whatever reason want to know my opinion on anything nerdgasmic, geektastic or awesome, then please do so!

Challenge Accepted!!!

The Insomnia Chronicles #2: Back With... a Turkey?

It is 4:38am.

I just got home from a friend's party and I am a little inebriated. Not wasted but I am also hungry and tired. Fact is, I had a hell of a good time tonight. Actually, I always have a good time with my group of friends. Best people I could ever hope to have in my psychotic world.

So I figured before I crash out into an alcohol coma I would make another entry into my crazy-ass blog. It's amazing how many times I've had to hit the backspace tonight while typing this. Pfft. I'm not wasted...

So right. My friends rule. Love having a good time. Love drinking. Love just being together. I can't believe I actually went 24 years without knowing most of these people. Seems so unlikely now that they were never in my life. But that was then and this is now, and they're here now.

Still having to hit the backspace button a lot. Re-thinking if I should be typing right now. Goddamn alcohol.
Goddamn Batman?

Oooooh I should watch the old Adam West Batman before going to bed. I bet it's ten times funnier drunk. Hahahaha. Shark repellent.

Where was I? At Lee and Tamra's drinking. I am at home now wondering why the hell I chose to type a second entry while inebriated. Now I'm amazed I can type inebriated without using a back space button but can't when spelling "can't."

Wow... this post is gonna be a bunch of jibberish. Good times. I think I'm gonna call it a night (morning?) and go to bed and leave you with these words of advice.

That's the way the humpty dumpty fell off the wall and had a great fall. Ponder that... it's something.


The Insomnia Chronicles #1

It is 2:35am.

I have insomnia. Why?

Mostly stress, but also I'm a night owl. I sometimes suspect that I'm a vampire. Not of the sparkling variety... at least I think. Don't go out into the sun much and whenever I DO go out I'm sporting one of my nifty hoodies. No, I'm convinced I'm not cause if I were I'm sure one of my true friends would off me at first suspicion with a stake in the heart. Mmmmm. Steak. Where was I? Oh yeah, Fuck Twilight.
So anyways, I'm a night owl... and since there's nothing really amazing going on at night unless I'm at a party or some shenanigans; I decided I could just unload my crazy-ass, random thoughts and rants on here as much as I can. So sorry to the unfortunate people who choose to read these.
So about me. I'm lazy so I'll post my twitter profile on here:
I write. I draw. I enjoy all things nerdgasmic, geektastic & awesome. Movie Buff. TV Addict. Music Lover. Part-time Gamer. Full-time FanGIRL & Instigator.
There's more to me than what a 160 character limit will allow me to share but THAT, my readers, will be part of this blog and what future posts will reveal. *Cue dramatic music*

Speaking of... Music is a big part of who I am. I have to keep my iPod on me at all times. When it comes to my iPod I live by the American Express slogan, "Don't leave home without it." I listen to everything and anything if it's good. I have a 30GB iPod that's almost full, and I'm sure when it is I'll be devastated and bummed.

Music fuels almost everything I do. When I write. When I draw. When I clean, exercise, drive, etc. Music is amazing. My hell would be just a white room with no music playing. Silence bothers me. Even when I sleep at night I either have music on or I have a DVD playing. There are some noises I can do without though. If a Zombie apocalypse happened, I could do without the moaning a hoard of walkers would bring.
Oh Zombies!! Now there's something that terrifies me also. I love Zombie flicks and what not. The Walking Dead series = amazing. The Walking Dead comics = FUCKING AMAZING! BUT I do believe Zombies could happen. Go ahead and laugh but when this shit goes down I will find a way to get on here before the interwebs go down just to do the following:
Anyways, I'm ready to close out this first entry in my Insomnia Chronicles with a promise to try my best to make frequent entries and to hopefully entertain at least two people out there. If I reach that quota I'll be pleased and may try to raise the bar with each entry. And that kids is how I met your mother...

....Pleasant Hooters.